Legia – FC Vorvarts


Friendly match
WKS Legia Warsaw – FC Vorwarts Berlin

Legia Warsaw match pennant from the game against FC Vorwarts Berlin, played before the start of the 1st league games of the 1970/1971 season. There is an interesting story connected with the pennant. In the 1969/1970 season, Legia reached the semi-finals of the European Champions Club (now UEFA Champions League), defeating on the way, among others AS Saint-Etienne (France’s best team of the late 1960s) and Galatasaray Istanbul. At this stage, Legia played against Netherlands champion –  Feyenoord Rotterdam. In the match in Warsaw (April 1, 1970) there was a goalless draw. Before the rematch, Legia turned to FC Vorwarts Berlin for help in figuring out the opponent. The East German champions competed with the Rotterdam team in the quarter-finals of the same competition. The match from which the pennant comes was a polite of the club from Warsaw for the help shown by FC Vorwarts Berlin in preparation for the rematch with Feyenoord.